Sculptor Gallery

Start by spending a quiet moment with the chosen artwork and then you will find two choices:

In the opposite direction, if you first read the title of the work and what the artist has to say, then it would be difficult to indulge in your own associations and your experience would now have only one road. In art, however, the streets are countless and together with the sculptor Andreas Tzanoudakis,

art therapist questions

The first is a call to action, go deeper into your experience and see what every creation wants to tell you. This is achieved through the form of properly designed questions. The aesthetic part of “I like or I do not like” was just the beginning. Now you are already much further. Continue on your path, as deep as you want it to be.

artist description

The second option, is the one that will probably satisfy your curiosity and reveal to you the title of the project and a brief description of it. We recommend that you unlock the mystery following the order proposed. 

we invite you to be inspired by the creativity of the artistic spirit and to be left in the open

The digital gallery, which you just entered, is a place of inspiration and experience of art. Not a place of exhibition.
Here you are in the spotlight and then the sculptures follow, more like companions on your journey.
It is your look, your thoughts, your feelings, that give life to the work of Andreas Tzanoudakis.

To achieve such an experience in this gallery you only need to select it.
So, we recommend that you spend some time with any sculpture you choose to connect with. The more you look, the more you see.