Sculptor, Artist, Teacher

Art is something that really moved me from a very early age. Since I was a child I have been painting, making various constructions and carving on any accessible material.

The real step with woodcarving was when I started working for a gallery that manufactured handmade painted and wood carved Byzantine icons.

My everyday contact with woodcarving gradually led me to start creating works of my own, giving to wood three -dimensional shapes and making this art part of my life.

Inspired by nature

Do you think it is easy to make a sculpture? Of course not. Trust my word.
It’s not. It requires so many steps, a carefully organized procedure.

Take a wood sculpture for example ….

You take your first walk into the forest. It will take many hours to see this one that will make your heart beat. You even might not find it. You enjoy the air in your lungs, the sun that is shining or the rain and earth that reveals its smell.

One of these walking days ….. you see it. The tree wood. The dead tree wood lying in and on the ground. Its shape looks interesting and promising.
You approach and investigate it further. You decide this is the one for now.
You need to take it off the ground, cut it from its dead roots and carry it back.
A difficult and time-consuming procedure….

Wooden Art

Experience this art gallery in a unique way
 and see how the pieces can impact you, mind body and soul …

crafted to perfection

If art is important in your life
and offers you calmness, creativity, and joy…